Unlike many of the other projects worked on in the past, the Alumedia Team took a stance on sales from Day One and insisted on whatever being worked on should increase sales in the present.

Before the site was launched, created, or even conceived we had already begun selling USB Flash Drive within our personal network. When the site was launched at June 15th, there wasn’t even a way for people to receive their quotes back—and with over 100 quote requests within 5 hours of launch we moved fast to make sure we had a way to meet this by the next morning. Once we secured quotes not two days later, we had to again quickly develop to allow payment online. The entire process was engineered to develop as needed and work from the beginning of the sales process through to the end.

Over the last year the process has constantly been refined and tweaked to make it easier and easier for customers to go through the process. Competitor analysis on price is done consistently and our Excel form is updated to make sure we are competitive in the market.