One of the greatest challenges in Zapdrives was to figure out the correct method to pricing the product. USB Flash Drives work with clientele who are extremely price-sensitive in the market with a product that is always changing. Flash Memory, as with any commodity, changes and fluctuates similar to a stock price worldwide in USD. As a Canadian company, this posed several challenges to overcome.

The effective solution was to develop pricing that essentially takes in raw market data and core pricing to convert it into a price-list which updates on the fly. Using Excel we developed over the course of several months an entire pricing database which calculates each product at capacities of 128MB up to 64GB at quantities from 25 to 10,000. Although not all of this data is used, it was developed to be usable well into the future.

The Excel sheet, which comprises of more than 40 individual sheets including many extended features including: Custom Quote Calculator, Auto-Quote Export to CSV, USD Price List, CAD Price List, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Margins, Shipping Rates, Print to PDF Price Lists in CAD and USD, Base/Internal Costing Reference Sheets, Currency Conversion, Currency Exchange Risk Buffer, and Individual Product Templates.

As of June 13th, 2015 we are on DEV-Version #72 of this sheet and we continually update and add functionality as needed. The latest version includes updated pricing for our COSMIC BOX Packaging and increased functionality to shipping rates.

The most important aspect of this sheet is in how it saves time. Each week we export the Auto-Quote CSV to our website which automatically creates invoices with price lookups in real-time as they are requested on the website.