ZapDrives Photography



In a market that is cluttered with basic product shots and white backgrounds, it was clear from the start we needed to stand out. Along with a much different approach for the complete website design, Zapdrives product photography was engineered to capture attention.

Using a full-frame Canon DSLR with various L-Class lenses and studio lighting, Colin spent a week in his condo watching Netflix and taking hundreds of photos in May of 2014. After five straight days of shooting followed several more days of photo editing to meet the deadline.

The end result? Product perfection. Even in a market where we target photographers, we always receive comments on our product photography and how well it represents our product offering.

The actual technique used in terms of setup, lighting, and editing will remain secret, but the end result are photos designed for web that capture attention and offer clear, crisp images of each product at all angles.


Canon EOS 6D + WiFi Used in Studio

24-70mm F2.8L, 70-200mm F4.0L, 50mm F1.2L

Adobe Bridge + Photoshop CC 2014