Initially developed over the course of several years after working in a local lab, the idea of The Photo Lab came together with a focus on photo editing for photographers and businesses solely focused on quality and accuracy.

Working closely with local photographers on Vancouver Island, the team developed the systems, website, and editing workflows that would define the company.

Many things were learned on the project and the startup environment, most of which would be put to use when developing Zapdrives a few years after launch.

Synapses from Website:

Taking photos has never been easier, and by today’s standards almost everyone is a photographer. It’s easy to process and filter images with online tools and smartphone apps, but getting professional results is difficult without understanding some of the most expensive and complex software on the market. That’s where we come in.

We strive to provide photographers and businesses alike with photo editing services they can use to propel themselves in the market. By reducing or eliminating a large portion of editing allows our clients to spend more time on their business and allowing them to take on additional work.

The Photo Lab is different in that it was created alongside photographers photographers, and for them. Our services were build group up to meet the needs of today’s photographer and give them a more complete, reliable, and accurate image editing solution. What you’ll find in our service is nothing less than you’d expect.

Although still new to market, The Photo Lab has unique core clientele whom have been working with the editing team for the past four years.


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