As one of Colin’s primary passions on the side, photography has always been an integral part of marketing and content consumption. The Kaigan has been the first real brand which has been settled on for photography.

Initially starting as a technical photographer capturing high-speed and long shutter photos, then moving into Fashion and Model photography followed by LARP, Colin finally settled on Cosplay Photography due to the composition and post-production possible.

Cosplay Photography is unique in that it can take on many forms. While not the core focus of The Kaigan, Colin’s primary focus has been on composite photography which includes post production effects to bring cosplay out of reality and into fantasy.

Well recognized in the market, this type of photography is rare with only a few big players in the market. Nonetheless, The Kaigan has established itself as a player, but while also co-existing with the current competition. In fact, The Kaigan is well versed with a few of the current payers including Soul Design out of Seattle, Peak Photography, and David Love Photography. Having shared their work, and exchanged conversation.

Currently The Kaigan is working on building a strategy for press and media photography at conventions combined with live-marketing on social media to aid in the effectiveness at events while adding quick and measurable value.